Finally after years of waiting, we now have Firefly jewelry at East Wind Silver and we are the exclusive dealer for Chatham. Firefly is a crazy popular brand of jewelry from the Guatemalan highlands. Firefly provides employment; comfortable working conditions; and fair wages to the local skilled artisans, both men and women. The indigenous people of the village are skilled in their traditional arts; the women weave on the back strap loom and make embroidery while the men weave fishing nets on foot looms. Firefly uses many of those traditional skills and applies them to the manufacture of jewelry.

The materials used are Swarovsky crystals and Czech beads in precision cuts and innovative colors that inspire the firefly imagination. The metals are antiqued brass, some of which are silver-plated. The earwires are sterling silver or gold-filled. Be sure to stop in the shop to see our complete Firefly collection.

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